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Eden Club

Information Advisory subscription enabling members with Web3 strategies, hardware wallets & crypto security, DNS security, central banking, geo-politics, market analysis, and private business, networks, & events.

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Without slowing down for a moment, Eden Club provides you information on the growing web3 economy, numismatic history, and how to navigate, analyze, and obtain grounded confidence.

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  • Our Mission
  • Our Principles

Cyber operators adept in Enterprise IT, digital transformations, information pipelines & security, Web3, Bitcoin, & DeFi.

Monetary Market operators adept in monetary history, central banking, bonds, macro-economics, financial analysis, & asset allocations.

  • Trusted Cyber Partner
  • Confidential Stewards
  • Information Advisors
  • Zero-Trust Security
  • Operational Security

We help information seekers of all skill levels navigate markets confidently in the information age by strategizing their Cyber Estate.

We achieve this by intelligence sharing, fostering community, powerful data tools & mining, and multi-disciplinary expertise in Cyber.

  • Trusted Cyber Partner
  • Confidential Stewards
  • Information Advisors
  • Zero-Trust Security
  • Operational Security
  • Growth and Innovation is a State of Mind
  • Leadership by Action
  • Quality > Quantity
  • Family Abundance Beyond Capitalism
  • Community Service & Sacrifice
  • Trust & Verification are Mission Critical
  • Open-Source Fosters Innovation
  • Education as a Civic Duty
Our Challenges

You Can Build Your Cyber Domain With Us

Targeted Information

Hone in on specific portfolios that enable your individual and family investment goals.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Assess your preparedness in a increasingly cyber environment.

24/7 Analysis

Information collection for real-time adaptations and tuning to evolving global dynamics.

Digital Security

Enabling you to securely be educated on counter-party risk.

Why Choose Us

We have a group of analysts, what we call yeeters, who are always working on the latest on information security, open-source intelligence, and monetary systemic risks.


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Community Members


Information Sources

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Innovative Yeeters

Highly Affordable Strategic Services

Our experts are providing and planning 24/7 on the latest cyber intelligence via our community networks, proprietary tools, and OSINT.


Based on analysis, research, and feedback from our clients and community. An idea is born to improve or fix.



Work through idea and program logic. Backtest model and strategy. Gain perspective and feedback on idea and logic.


Implement & Repeat

Implement new code and analysis to our systems. Tweak and adjusts our allocations and strategies based on new information and ideas.


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