Cyber Investing Tools

Market data mining across currencies, futures, equities, and crypto-currencies. All with a cloud-native competitive edge.

Atlantis Club

Cyber Age: Financial Planning, Investment Strategies, Portfolio Development, Quant Research, Private Funds, Estate Planning.

Our Approach

To Enhance Your Cyber Estate

Yeetum AI

Without slowing down for a moment, Atlantis Club provides you expertise on the growing web3 economy and how to navigate.

Technical Edge

Our cloud and investment businesses leverage cloud-native IT and cloud-centric data disciplines.

Security Focus

Zero-trust security. Prioritizing trust and security for both human and cyber aspects as an operating principle.

Strategic Advisory

Tailored advise enabling your situation to adopt modern-day cyber disciplines to your investments and businesses.

Asset Management

Asset allocations, portfolio strategies, signals reports for DIY investors and traders. Hands-off private funds

Our Challenges

You Can Build Your Family Cyber Estate With Us

Target Portfolios

Hone in on specific portfolios that enable your individual and family investment goals.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Assess your asset-allocations preparedness for increasingly digitized global markets.

24/7 Analysis

Information collection for real-time adaptations and tuning to evolving global dynamics.

Digital-Asset Security

Enabling you to securely adopt digital-assets and protect against counter-party risk.

Highly Affordable Strategic Services

Our experts are providing and planning 24/7 on the latest market intelligence via our community networks, proprietary tools, and OSINT.


Based on analysis, research, and feedback from our clients and community. An idea is born to improve or fix.



Work through idea and program logic. Backtest model and strategy. Gain perspective and feedback on idea and logic.


Implement & Repeat

Implement new code and analysis to our systems. Tweak and adjusts our allocations and strategies based on new information and ideas.

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Yeetum ATLAS
ATLAS (In Development)

SaaS Platform designed to provide the laymen tools that Wall St hides from the massess and educational content to expedite your skilling.

Market Data Mining

FUM a proprietary quant model mining market data.


Receive market intelligence and knowledge content via mobile.

Web App

Receive market intelligence and knowledge content via browser.

Portfolio System

Automated quant trading and portfolio management.

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